About Our Pastor


Reverend Victor Harris

Victor comes to us by way of Princeton Theological 

 Seminary where he received his Master of Divinity Degree in 2012, and a Master of Theology (Homiletics) in 2013. Victor grew up in Houston, and has a BA in Accounting and a Master of Finance from Texas A&M. He served as an Associate with Deloitte & Touche, LLP. In Victor’s words:

 God, rather inconveniently, called me to begin formal preparation for a life of ministry; I say inconveniently because I had made other plans for my life. I had a career in business and my wife and I had just purchased our first home. We had plans for our future, and none of them involved seminary, life as a pastor, or moving across the country and away from everything we knew. I have quickly learned, however, that when God calls, obedience is the
 best, and maybe only, response - I have never heard someone speak regretfully of the time they obeyed God's call.”

Victor loves baseball, golf and sports in general. There are going to be some good-natured discussions when it comes to his choice of football teams! Victor has been married to Jennifer since 2006.  Jennifer, also from the Houston area, is an elementary school teacher who enjoys running and just completed a half marathon. He and Jenn feel they are being called together to serve.

He is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. He has a caring personality and is a talented preacher. We welcome his presence, guidance, and teaching; he’s developing deep personal relationships at Heritage. He can clearly see that God has prepared the way for him to join this open, loving and welcoming congregation.

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